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Street Art Unearthed

Sep 18, 2022

On the podcast today, we sit down with Ukrainian street artist Alex Maksiov, who began painting insane 3D artworks in 2010, gaining worldwide attention and ushering in an international mural career as his work began blowing up online.

Coming from Ukraine, where street art prevailed but mural commissions were few,...

Sep 11, 2022

On the podcast today, we sit down with Japanese multi-disciplinary artist TWO ONE, who started painting on the streets some 17 years ago, just out of high school, new to Melbourne, speaking little of the language and finding community among other enthusiastic street artists. 

With an exhibition success early in his...

Sep 4, 2022

Made up by wife and husband artists Bella and Justin, BellaPhame is a collaboration dedicated to communicating messages of equality and connection. 

Hailing from Rio and Brooklyn, respectively, Bella and Justin and acutely aware of the beauty in blending cultures and recognising the commonalities between all people who...

Aug 28, 2022

Vermibus has spent the last 11 years producing powerful artworks that poke at consumerism and beauty standards, taking ads in bustling pedestrian locations and swapping them out with distorted replacements, provoking passers-by to ponder more deeply the images they pass every day along their journeys.

Vermibus online:

Aug 21, 2022

AFK is a Norwegian artist who's spent 10 years producing art on the street that directly faces social issues and challenges the views of his audience. In his street art career, he has advocated heavily for freedom of speech, climate action, freedom of the press and other issues in need of a voice. 

On the podcast today,...